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Durston and Cottonwood Road Improvements

Durston and Cottonwood Road Improvements

The Durston and Cottonwood Road Improvement Project involved a multi-year effort to reconstruct Durston Road from Fowler Avenue to just east of Westgate Avenue, Cottonwood Road from Fallon Street to Baxter Lane, and Baxter Lane from Cottonwood Road to east of Flanders Mill Road to City of Bozeman minor arterial or arterial standards. The project length was approximately 4.2 miles of road. AESI’s initial scope of work included conceptual storm drainage analysis and design.

Project segments were broken out for bidding and designed over the course of several years. AESI was retained to provide detailed storm drainage design for each project segment and geotechnical evaluations for select segments. These services included the following:

  • Geotechnical recommendations for street section, signal pole foundation, and utility trench;
  • Hydraulic analysis and design for culverts, stormwater collection and conveyance infrastructure, stormwater ponds, underground stormwater detention facilities, and outfall facilities;
  • Detailed grading for stormwater ponds; and
  • Review of stormwater plans and specifications.