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Falcon Hollow Subdivision

Falcon Hollow Subdivision

AESI was retained by the developers of Falcon Hollow Subdivision to provide planning, engineering, and construction services for Phases 2 through 4 (154 total residential lots) of this residential subdivision in Gallatin County.

The work included zoning change applications, subdivision applications, design of roads, water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer infrastructure, local and state permitting and construction staking and oversight. It also included extensive coordination with adjoining subdivisions and the RAE water and sewer district as well as the offices of Gallatin County Planning, Gallatin County Road and Bridge Department, MDT and dry utility companies.

Phase 2 received Preliminary Plat approval prior to the recession, but was placed on hold until after the recession. The original Phase 2 was then split into three. Phase 2A (24 residential lots) and Phase 2B (20 residential lots) were constructed and platted, while the remainder underwent a zone change and new subdivision application process as Phase 3 (54 residential lots). Phase 4 (56 residential lots) was designed, permitted, and constructed a year later.