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Ferguson and Cattail – Construction Services

Ferguson and Cattail – Construction Services

AESI was hired as a subconsultant by Madison Engineering to provide geotechnical evaluation, street design, and construction services for the improvements to Ferguson Avenue and Cattail Street in Bozeman. The project involved construction of approximately 900 feet of Ferguson and approximately 2,600 feet of Cattail Street. AESI worked closely with both Madison Engineering and the City of Bozeman throughout the project to ensure successful reconstruction of the new road corridor.

Due to the wetlands and clayey nature of the on-site soils, subgrade preparation was critical for the road work. Subgrade preparations included the use of geogrid and/or geotextile stabilization fabric or thickened gravel sections along with testing and inspection of compacted subgrade soils.

AESI was on-site more than 20 separate days to provide intermittent compaction testing of the roadway subgrade, subbase, base, and asphalt. The nuclear density tests were completed randomly within the drive lanes, beneath curb, and beneath valley gutters. Testing was pursuant to City of Bozeman standards for frequency and compactive effort. AESI personnel worked intimately with the contractors to coordinate test scheduling, test frequency, and compaction techniques. Daily inspection reports were developed which included detailed field maps showing test locations and results. AESI also provided construction services for the Four Points Subdivision project located on the southeast side of the Ferguson and Cattail intersection.