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Haynes Administration Building

Haynes Administration Building

AESI performed geotechnical engineering services for the remodel to the Haynes Administration Building at Mammoth Hot Springs. Work on this project was completed concurrently with AESI’s other work at the nearby Mammoth Hotel. The remodel of the existing building included a small addition at the southeast corner of the structure and a seismic retrofit of the building. AESI conducted geotechnical investigation of the soils adjacent to the structure and presented their findings in a report.

The scope of work included the following items:

  • 7 20’ borings, including one located inside the building at a future elevator shaft
  • Coordination with the Park Geologist to take temperature and gas measurements of the bore holes and observe the drill cuttings
  • Laboratory testing of the samples to verify soil classification, natural moisture content, atterberg limits, gradations, water soluble sulfate content, and soil corrosivity
  • Geotechnical analysis and preparation of report detailing the findings and making recommendations sufficient for the structural engineer to complete their structural work on the remodel, addition, and seismic retrofit
  • Incorporation into the report of the seismic study completed for the Law and Justice Center by AESI several years ago