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Montana State University – Faculty Court Utility Study

Montana State University – Faculty Court Utility Study

Montana State University hired AESI to provide conceptual analysis, conceptual design of recommended infrastructure improvements, and construction cost estimates for future development of the Faculty Court area located near the intersection of Faculty Court and South Fifth Avenue. The purpose of this project was to evaluate the potential water and sanitary sewer upgrades required to accommodate the addition of new buildings planned for the Faculty Court area. In order to establish the recommendations, AESI reviewed the MSU Water and Sanitary Sewer Facility Plans, the 2000 sanitary sewer TV videos and report, as well as other information obtained from MSU. A brief evaluation of dry utilities and storm drainage was also performed. Additionally, the AESI survey team performed a field reconnaissance and a topographic survey of the potential utility improvement corridors.

In 2004, the water system of the entire City of Bozeman, including the campus of MSU, was modeled in WaterCAD by AESI while completing the City of Bozeman and MSU Water Facility Plans. This model was adjusted accordingly to account for the proposed improvements and to ensure those improvements achieved the fire flow requirements.

Deliverables for the project included alternatives analysis, design reports, conceptual drawings of proposed improvements, and conceptual construction cost estimates.