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Pembina Land Port of Entry Wind Turbine Project

Pembina Land Port of Entry Wind Turbine Project

This project was a Design-Build Contract with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to design and construct a wind turbine (approximately 1 MW capacity) at the Land Port of Entry Border Station in Pembina, North Dakota. AESI served as a subconsultant to Nishkian Monks and provided civil and geotechnical engineering services.

AESI’s scope of work included the following items:
• Topographic Survey
• Civil Engineering Design Services
• Environmental Permitting
• Culvert Design and Hydrology / Hydraulics
• Geotechnical Analysis and Report
• Construction Services

AESI was responsible for designing an access road to the proposed wind turbine location. Careful consideration was paid to the geometry of the vertical and horizontal curves of the road due to the large size of the turbine and the truck that would be carrying it. AESI also analyzed the soil conditions of the site and made recommendations regarding the most appropriate foundation system for the structure. Based on the soft glacial lake deposits, a deep foundation system consisting of h-piles was the chosen foundation system to support the turbine.