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Ruby River Restoration Project

Ruby River Restoration Project

AESI was hired by Gillilan Associates to complete hydraulic modeling and drafting for the Ruby River Restoration project near the Ruby’s confluence with the Beaverhead River. The river has seen significant down cutting and a reduction in vegetative cover over the last 100 years – likely from man-influenced manipulations of the river including an upstream dam. Additionally, what has historically been a multi-thread river is now a single thread channel. Restoration plans include adding fill and riffle structures to help reconnect the river with its floodplain. Two remnant meander bends and several flow splits will be reactivated. Because of the complex nature of the restoration design, the project team elected to use a 2D model setup to simulate flows. This allows for a more detailed output of simulated hydraulic characteristics including shear stresses and split flows. AESI completed an existing conditions model, and the simulations are in good agreement with measured data. A proposed conditions model was also developed to help guide the restoration effort. The proposed conditions model reflects grading iterations to assure flow splits are activated at appropriate flow levels and shear stress maximums are not exceeded.